About Us



Educational Philosophy

“Every child is a lamp with immense creativity inexhaustible supply of energy”. Here at Aryan Kannada/English Medium Primary School, we generate the spark that light the lamp and keeps it burning bright as a beacon of knowledge guiding them through life.

Our approach to education is student-centered & we encourage participative learning. Our priority is to afford support, guide and provide best facilities. We aim to strike an ideal balance in curriculum, between knowledge, acquisition and its application to the immediate environment we believe in linking learning to life.


1) Continuous & comprehensive evaluation has been implemented. Students will be assessed in scholastic and co-scholastic areas. We will have Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment through out the year.

2) Formative assessment: The School will be conducting tests, the subjects and days will be predetermined. Projects will be given in both the semesters.

3) Examination will be conducted at the end of

          Term 1 (Summative Assessment 1) and

          Term 2 (Summative Assessment 2)

4) If a student fails twice in the same class, he/she is liable to be asked to leave the school.

5) For promotion to the next class weight-age of tests and exams will be taken into consideration.



Student must communicate with their teacher, friends and others in English only. Which is the medium of instruction of the school.

No valuable or undesirable articles should be brought by the students within the premises or the school.

In case of sickness or long absentees a leave letters & proper medical certificate should be submitted, otherwise name of the student will be stuck off from the register.

The School reserves the right, without assigning a reason to expel a student, when it is considered to be in the interest of the school.

Students must carry their tiff in to school. Parents are not allowed to send the tiff in during school hours. This is implemented for the security of the students.